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Commercial Window Cleaning in Tunbridge Wells

Whoever you are, whether you are a business owner or a resident of a flat, cleaning your windows can be a tedious task and potentially dangerous to anyone who is not expertly trained. At F & C Cleaning, we can set up a regular or one-off clean of your commercial property windows. We cover offices, shops, blocks of flats, hotels, restaurants, schools, and all other commercial and industrial establishments.

We use a state-of-the-art pole and reach system which allows us to reach windows of up to 30ft! This allows us to reach even the tricky spots! We tailor our service to suit your requirements – the window clean can be carried out at a time to suit you and on a regular or one-off basis. Whether your building is old or new, we can cater to whichever material the window frames may be by adjusting the solution, so no damage incurs.

We understand that as a commercial property, you need your windows always to look crystal clear to give the right impression to visitors or potential customers. Rain or shine – we will always be there to clean your windows and leave them dazzling. Whatever the weather, we can guarantee streak free shine because we always use purified water to clean windows. Purified water is the opposite of hard water (what comes out of your tap). You may find washing windows with tap water leaves your windows streaky, whereas our water has been filtered to leave your windows glistening.

Why Choose Us?

There are many window cleaners who offer window cleaning in Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas. By choosing F & C Cleaning, you are choosing excellent service at affordable prices. We are fully trained, fully insured and in total compliance with health and safety standards. We always carry out health and safety checks before and after the service so that your building remains pristine.

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